Businesses can use our digital – internet and social media – presence to promote their products and services. Typical adverts would appear on the site as follows, with the graphic of choice from the owner of the advert.


1 banner (Universal)
  • Displayed on front page and throughout site N$5000 p/m
2 to 4 banners (Universal)
  • Displayed on front page and throughout site N$2500 p/m per banner
5 or more banners (Universal)
  • Displayed throughout the site N$1500 p/m, per banner
Sponsorships and Partnerships
  • This is an opportunity to partner with us e.g. on your campaigns, competitions, product launch etc... We will rigorously market your products and services throughout our multiple platforms. Price is negotiable, depending on details of partnership or sponsorship. For the duration of our partnerships, your company/ product will be listed under partners at the bottom of the Etanga Sports website.

*a month constitutes as 30-­‐days

Submit Ads

Submit ads to:

Banner Designs

Customer can bring their own designs. If required, Étanga offers free banner designs, provided customer provide guarantee to advertise with Étanga.


Donations are most welcomed. Persons or organizations willing to donate are invited to contact Étanga Sports on