Know Your Brave Warriors - The Namibian National Team at 2018 CHAN

By Sheefeni Nikodemus (The Namibian)

Know your Brave Warriors; from the bullies, to the dish killers, and a philosopher in the making, the Namibian national team players and coaching stuff are a diverse but unified group working towards a common goal.

Playmaker Petrus Shitembi and defender Teberius Lombard spilled the beans on the quirky habits and personalities in the team at the 2018 African Nations Championships underway in Morocco. 


#1 Loydt Kazapua (Age 28, Otjombinde) 


He is the practical one. He has theories and philosophies he religiously sticks to. He likes reasoning. 

#3 Charles 'Chalo' Hambira (27, Otjinene) 


Hambira is reserved, and one of those guys who keep to themselves most of the time. He comes out of the shell once in a while. He is very different to when he is on the pitch, where he is vocal and all action. 

#4 Riaan Hanamub (22, Otavi) 


He is an active guy around those he is comfortable with, especially guys who speak his native language [Damara] like Ballack [Hendrick Somaeb]. He is a young boy who acts like a senior in the team, even though he has not been around that long. 

#5 Ferdinand 'Mashaba' Karongee (33, Omatjete) 


Mashaba is a deceptive old man. He's one of those naughty ou toppie types. Full of mischief that he likes to keep on the down low. He has a very sweet tooth for an old man. 

#7 Junias 'Lolo' Theophilus (26, Okahandja) 


A very serious guy. Deeply religious, and likes protocol. Everything about him is done in orderly fashion. Him and Benji [Benyamen Nenkavu] are the English guys. 

#8 Dynamo 'Dyna' Fredericks (25, Windhoek) 


Dynamo is like a cheeseboy. He likes nice things. A chester. He talks a lot, and likes to scold people, especially on the pitch. He hates losing. He is a winner. 

#10 Hendrick 'Ballack' Somaeb (25, Walvis Bay) 


He is naughty. Master instigator. A very mischievious dude. He'll toss a [verbal] bomb and just watch it explode, then he'll move on and toss another one. 

#11 Absalom 'Touchies' Imbondi (26, Ongwediva) 


The main madala of the team - he and Mashaba [Ferdinand Karongee]. He acts like a toppie. A serious, humble and focused man. He's addicted to omandjembele [grapes], and he eats them every day in bulk. 

#12 Ronald 'Stiga' Ketjijere (31, Okakarara ) 


Very serious. He has his moments when he wants to goof around and tease people, but he doesn't like to be made fun of. He likes to dish it out, but doesn't like to receive. 

#19 Petrus 'P' Shitembi (25, Rundu) 


He's a cool guy. An open happy soul who mingles with everyone. 

#20 Edmund 'Uda' Kambanda (24, Tsumeb) 


He is a guy whose mind just switches off anytime. Uda is absent-minded, and loses things all the time. The coach has a go at him sometimes, telling him to stay switched on. He also loves video calls. 

#2 Tiberius 'Ace' Lombard (28, Windhoek) 


He loves his meals, hey. Ace and Mari-Boy are among the guys who always have heavy plates. 

#6 Kaovisa Hengombe (21, Otjinene) 


He seems like a cool guy from the little we know about him. There isn't much to tell cause he is new and still getting used to being in the team. 

#9 Roger 'Adebayor' Katjiteo (24, Epukiro) 


He is also one who has a circle, but he tries to open up once in a while. He is a gentle giant. 

#13 Emilio 'Mari-Boy' Martin (27, Oshakati) 


The dish killer. He loves sweet things like cookies and these dessert stuff. Another cool guy who is approachable. 

#14 Oswaldo 'Osie' Xamseb (25, Windhoek) 


This guy can sleep. Him and Benji like to sleep. Every gap he gets, he'll sleep. There was a day we were waiting to go to training [in Marrakech]; we had just sat for a few minutes, and he and Benji were out. 

#15 Benyamen 'Benji' Nenkavu (24, Ongwediva) 


He is the quietest guy in the team. A deeply religious young man. He hardly says a word, unless spoken to. 

#16 Charles 'Metsimetsi' Uirab (32, Walvis Bay) 


He fixes everything. He is very good with gadgets. We call him The Mechanic. 

#17 Itamunua 'Makhanya' Keimuine (24, Otjombinde) 


The gangster. He's into hip-hop, and is always listening to music. He has no swag when it comes to shoes. He always buys funny shoes which do not go with the rest of his outfit. 

#18 Vitapi 'Punyu' Ngaruka (22, Otjombinde) 


Punyu is another new guy who hasn't really opened up yet. He mostly associates with the guys who speak OtjiHerero. 

#21 Kleopas 'Bester' Useb (23, Outjo) 


One chilled guy. We call him grootte. The Damara superstar. Unlike the other new guys, he is pretty open with everyone. 

#22 Panduleni 'Kaka' Nekundi (29, Windhoek) 


Nigga cuz! Also a chilled guy who loves his hair. If he does not like something you said or did, he'll make sure you know it that time. He does not hold back. 

#23 Edward 'Banzo' Maova (23, Otjiwarongo) 


Short-tempered guy. He is cool, but do not cross him. He stands shoulder to shoulders with the older guys. 


Ricardo 'Bucksy' Mannetti 

Head Coach 

He is serious when it comes to the job, but easygoing and a joker. Very pleasant to work with, but he takes his job seriously. 

Ronnie 'Magnet' Kanalelo 

Assistant Coach 

People are intimidated by his size. But he's a chilled guy. He has his moments. He is the kind of guy who likes to calm tensions. 

Jakes 'Manager' Amaning 

Assistant Team Manager 

Quite a character. He is very moody in the mornings. 

Tim 'Ty' Isaacs 

Team manager 

Ty is kool and the gang. Someone you can always chat to, and he likes a good laugh. 

Raere 'Cole' Mungendje 

Kit Manager 

Cole is a farming man. He likes to talk about farming. He deals with the kit. He'll give you extra-large if you step on his toes. 

Charl Botha 

Fitness Coach 

He's strict when it comes to his job, but he likes to mingle and is helpful to everyone. 

Amaury 'Doc' Hernandez 

Team Doctor 

The doctor is a nice guy. He can sleep though. You'll be talking to him, and with just the briefest spell of silence, he'll be out. 

Harry January 

Goalkeepers Coach 

He's a bully. He's like the captain, he likes to dish out, but doesn't want to get made fun of. He has his moments, though, so he's cool when he wants to be. 

Dan 'Trompies' Kamati 

Media Officer 

This guy is a fitness fanatic and a joker. He trains when the team trains, and on his own. He's dedicated to his job, and gets along well with everyone.

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